Hey! I'm Kyle Hill, a developer that got roughly half of a traditional, academic CS background who's taught himself most of what he's needed to learn professionally over the past decade. I've worked in everything from MUMPS to .NET to Python to Ruby, but have focused by and large on JavaScript for most of that time. If you asked for my macro-economic competitive advantage, I'd probably go with something like "creating precise and maintainable interfaces," but I'm happy to work with any technology, anywhere in the stack.

I grew up on Long Island (it's a great place to be from) but live in Washington, DC with my wife, our garbage cat, and our other, slightly less garbage cat.

I'm kylehill on everything that matters, and kylf[1] on everything that doesn't.

Limited examples of my development work are on GitHub; abundant examples of retweeted baseball jokes and failed bon mots are available on Twitter.

You can usually find me procrastinating with the cool kids on the DC Tech and WeAllJS Slack organizations.

Feel free to reach out - I'm happy to consider both full-time and freelance opportunities at this time. While I'm happy to work as part of a remote team, and don't mind periodic travel, I'm not looking to relocate.